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3 ways to give your employees an awesome Friday!

We believe that a considerable amount of effort should go towards making your employees happier. When they are happy, they will keep your customers happy, and this results in a happy and successful company. There are many ways to make your employees enjoy their work and different things work for different people and offices. For us, one of the biggest things is making a special effort to enjoy our Fridays at the office. Here is what we do to get that TGIF moment already on the way to work.

Pastries at coffee break
This is a thing that always puts a smile on all of our faces. Who would not love a nice pastry on a Friday as a small reward for a week of hard working? You can really have any pastries you want but we suggest you switch them from one week to another to avoid having the same ones all the time - your employees will appreciate that. A good way to do the Friday goodie is to follow the seasons: Viennese pastries with strawberries in the summer, apple pie in the autumn and some rich chocolate cake in the winter for example. Nothing makes you feel better than some sugary treats.

Doing something completely new
Especially after long weeks we try to make Friday’s as fun as possible for your employees, while working of course. Trying out new things is what keeps your mind fresh and stimulates the interests. Doing something completely new can basically mean anything you can think of - having a yoga class for the entire office, take your team to work at your favorite coffee house or just “decorate” the office in an unusual way. Naturally, you can come up with your own things as well with anything from harmless pranks to video games.

How was your week?
The most important way to make your employees’ Friday awesome is to genuinely show them that you care about them as individuals. Develop an interest and ask about their week. Maybe even go further and ask about their weekend plans and discuss personal matters with them. Nothing makes your employees feel better about their employers than getting the feeling of actually being cared for. Nothing makes your company perform better than a happy and committed staff.

We have no doubt you will take your company and employees to the next level with what VibeCatch has to offer and the results it can deliver in managing your employee’s experience. 

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