Dec 15, 2021 8:15:00 AM
Measuring Employee Experience: How the pulse survey is an indicator of company health

Behind every great business, there are employees working hard to accomplish its goals and achieve excellent results.

This is why so many smart organisations assign a significant portion of their budget to improve their workplace. They want to ensure that they can attract the top talent, maintain high productivity levels, and hold on to their best employees for as long as they can.

In order to achieve these goals, they conduct annual surveys to measure, understand and improve the employee experience. These surveys help each organisation make well-informed decisions about their staff.

However, in today’s ever-evolving working environment, annual surveys are no longer a true indication of what’s going on below the surface. Nowadays, the best approach is to utilise frequent pulse surveys that help to monitor the overall health of your organisation year-round.

What is a pulse survey?

Just as your pulse rate can be used to measure your health, a pulse survey works to determine the health and employee experience of your organisation.

Pulse surveys are quick, short questionnaires distributed by HR and Management teams to all employees on a regular basis. They are designed to anonymously collect employee feedback and opinions on important workplace issues.

They can be used to track the progress of company plans, align business outcomes and equip you with valuable statistics to help measure and keep up with employee trends.

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