Nov 5, 2015 9:00:50 AM

5 things highly effective employers do

Have you ever wondered what are all those highly effective employers doing to be so successful? How are they engaging their employees and getting them to commit to the company? There is no secret sauce to it, just simple tasks and guidelines all employers can follow and we have listed the five most important ones.

Employees first attitude

Highly effective employers take their employees into account when making big decisions and want to make sure they remain happy and satisfied. Creating the best possible value for customers and shareholders is something that can be created only by employees. Happy employees equals a happy company which results in happy customers.

They ask for constant feedback

Since effective employers have an employee-first attitude, they also understand the need to ask their employees for continuous feedback. The absolute best way to know what your employees want is simple: just ask them. Asking once or twice a year is not enough though and receiving comments and ideas for improvement needs to happen on a weekly or monthly basis.

Effective employers don’t just ask, they act

It’s never enough to merely ask for feedback from your employees, it is important to act on the continuous feedback as well. Delivering on feedback is important and it needs to happen faster than every six months as your employees minds have changed by then. It can be very discouraging for employees to provide their valuable insights and see nothing happen.

Consistent performance management

Recognition can be a powerful reward tool. Most effective employers use it as a way to reinforce good practices and more importantly as a way to stretch their employees to new levels. Recognition doesn’t have to cost anything and it lets people know their hard work is valued. This sounds easy but can be a lot harder to get right: A simple “good job!” is never enough as employees want to know exactly what they did well. Be sincere and targeted.

Develop an appealing company culture

This means having a solid vision, mission and company values that existing and new employees can relate to. That is just the starting point as highly effective employers take the vision, mission and values, and apply them everything the company does including social events, communications and feedback collection among other things. Make sure your employees actually want to spend their time at work.

We have no doubt you will be among highly effective employers with these advice and with what VibeCatch has to offer in collecting continuous feedback. :)

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