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Does employee experience management really matter?

So you are probably asking yourself right now, what is employee experience management and why should I or anyone in my company care? You and your organization absolutely need to care because employee experience is the future of work. It can make or break your efforts to attract top talent and drive the success of your business.

So what is it then? In a nutshell employee experience is similar to customer experience. Employee experience happens every time an employee interacts with the company, and more importantly what happens during that interaction. Employee experience management entails everything from how the person applies for a job at your company, how they leave the company and everything imaginable in between. Being so extensive might seem to be too much but think about the customer experience. Your customer’s journey starts from the moment they first interact with your company and its products. It can be in a store somewhere, on your website or in any other touchpoint you can think of. It also does not fully end until they stop completely using your products at the end of its lifecycle.

The same principles apply to your employees. So what can you do to make the employee experience better? Of course there are many factors that influence this but one of the biggest things you can do, is to take continuous interest in your current employees. Once-a-year employee satisfaction surveys take months to prepare and months to process. They can be useful given how extensive information they usually provide, but some of the answers can already be outdated when the questionnaires are finally processed.

Getting a more regular look at the well being of your employees helps in correcting smaller issues before they become major ones, and lets your employees know that they are cared for. Simple enough: find out how your employees’ week went and you have a chance to improve their employee experience in several ways. Just by asking them, lets them know you are interested, and their answers can bring out points which can be improved upon.

The same things don’t work for every company and the things that work now might not work next month, so it is important to understand what works exactly for your business regularly. We have no doubt you will take your employee experience management, and your business, to the next level with what VibeCatch has to offer and the results it can deliver. 

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