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How to create the best office space

Designing the best possible office space is a task many companies put very little effort into. So many offices in the world repeat the same pattern; closed door glass boxes with windows for senior managers with an open space sea of cubicles in the middle - maybe a break room with a coffee machine in the corner.

Such a solution might seem like the best and most cost effective way of doing things, and it probably is when you consider only the cost of building an office and paying for the furniture. How about the long-term costs then? Have you ever considered that the physical working environment could affect employee performance? Scientific research shows that your employees might even be fighting with each other because of your office design.

So how to solve the office space conundrum and keep your employees happier? Naturally, it depends on your employees, what your company does and the general size of your office but there are some good guidelines to follow.

First of all, let your employees make their workstation personal. However they want to do this is up to them. Family photos are a good start but they could even bring their dog to work, as long as no one is seriously allergic. Asking your employees for their office design input can also work, and observing them as they go about their work certainly will give you great ideas on what works for your office space.

Having an open office space is also a good idea but it can turn against you without planning. The trick here is to organize the office into clearly distinct areas: for working, for relaxing, the kitchen with space to eat.

Going green is also always a great way to inspire people to give their best efforts. As it happens, plants and nature in general are good for you. They give people a refreshed feeling and can certainly clear the air in your office space.

Creating the best possible office space can take time, but keep in mind what works for one company might not work for your company. In case you still want some inspiration, take a look at these and these amazingly cool office spaces.

Go create cool offices and help your employees
become more engaged - and don’t forget to smile :)

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