Dec 24, 2015 9:18:59 PM

What the Holidays Mean for Company Culture

The holidays are a very special time.  One thing that we can all agree on, is that is should be a happy time spent with those who are close to us.  It should be a time when we are able to share memories and laughs with our friends and family.  However, companies that have great culture can also find ways to incorporate the spirit of the holidays in the workplace.

As the year’s end approaches, we can take this opportunity to spread more smiles, and more selfless acts, and close it all out on a great note. Here are a couple things to think about during our final week of 2015.

It’s the season of giving, not receiving!

Okay, of course we all love to receive, but giving will make you feel even better. We promise! In fact, one study asked participants to make a decision to either buy a $5 gift for themselves or a $5 gift some someone else. Turns out, the givers were happier.  

Giving actually increases the amount of endorphins produced by our bodies.  

Take the time to be thankful.

Thanksgiving may be over, but the idea of giving thanks shouldn’t be. Showing appreciation for our peers, our staff, our mentors, even our very own boss, is an act that goes a long way.  So take some time out of your day to say thanks to someone nearby, whether it is someone you work with, or someone who simply drops mail off at your desk.

Have fun.

Off you go! Enjoy yourself!  Go be with the people you love most and have fun. VibeCatch wants to wish you Happy Holidays!  We can’t wait to help more companies next year by building great company culture, starting with the employees.  


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