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3 Tips for Introducing New Technologies

There’s no way around it. Technology and application-based tools are now standard in almost every workplace out there. The catch is, it’s also proven increasingly difficult to convince employees to join and use new platforms. According to one study, 65% of staff ignore data when making decisions if they are forced to use multiple systems. Most managers know that there is major resistance whenever a new app comes into play. We tend to have to make it mandatory if we want staff to come aboard.

So how do you make transitioning to new digital tools easier? The key lies in strong leadership through the adoption phase.


New systems should be well planned out in advance. Comprehensive training sessions are absolutely necessary to make the new tool feel accessible to all. If you want staff to feel comfortable taking the lead, give them hands-on experience in a guided session. From there, offer incentives to any employee that shows initiative and excellence with the new program.


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Emphasize the value and benefit of the new tool. Introduce it as technology that will make the job easier and more efficient. Try not to make things ‘mandatory’, rather communicate the perks and profitability clearly. If the system is seen as easing workload and as a personal asset to each employee, the change will be warmly received.


There are so many options when it comes to organizational technology. Do your research and try to choose the simplest and most efficient products. The complaint often heard is that the application was too difficult to use or it complicated things further. Look for the things that directly serve the company’s needs and try not to get distracted by all the bells and whistles – most of those things will not serve your purpose and will detract from the usability of the product.

Ultimately it may take some finagling to nudge employees into using new technology. Choosing a few leaders and influencers to adopt the process first can help sway the masses to follow suit. While the process is unfolding, consistently shift focus to the new system. If it becomes institutionalized, then it will slowly become an ingrained part of daily life.

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