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4 Benefits of Effective Delegation

Micromanaging.  Every office workers death stroke.  I have never met anyone who likes to be micromanaged, going about having his or her every action scrutinized.  It is one of the least effective management techniques. Yet is practiced widely by leaders everywhere.

So what is the polar opposite of micromanaging? It can be encompassed in one word: delegation.  Giving your employees opportunities to learn and grow can drastically alter both productivity and workplace well being.

Here are 4 benefits of delegation that you may not have considered:

  1. Delegating Increases your Earnings

A report by the Harvard Business Review has found that delegating work to associates allows the median partner to earn more than 20%-50% more than they would otherwise.

Delegation allows you to serve more clients, and clients are also willing to pay more per hour when they are less likely to spend time on trivial things.

  1. Delegating Encourages Creative Problem-Solving

Because you aren’t there to save the day, employees are forced to think creatively and come up with a resolution.  They learn more and are also faced with the consequences of their actions if they fail. Proper delegation also increases morale by giving a level of autonomy to the employee.

  1. Delegating is Time-Effective

Delegating takes a little initial set-up but pays off in the long run.

While you may put in extra time coaching someone to do a task properly, in the end your resources will be vastly improved and you will have fostered an independent worker who can fulfill tasks competently and without much direction.

  1. Delegating Encourages Communication

Delegation is a shared task. Both parties need to be willing to accept their role in the action, and effective communication is key to success.  As an employer, the role is to become a teacher, fostering a sense of independent thinking in your employee.  As an employee, the role is to accept what is given, look for opportunities to learn and give back.

There’s nothing new about delegating, but learning how to administer tasks effectively can radically change the game.  Making things easier and less time-consuming is a goal many companies encourage. The benefits of delegating can bring about many positive changes in your organization as well as a sense of peace of mind to you.

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