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4 Tips to Enhance Employee Assessments

Ahh, employee assessments. That time of year that everyone loves to hate. While employee reviews are scorned by staff far and wide, statistics show that many companies have no inclination of getting rid of them. They are, and potentially always will be, a workplace standard. Yet, in a recent study nearly one quarter of people polled indicated they were afraid of these reviews. So how to improve upon an age-old tactic?

Here are four strategies to help you (and your staff) benefit from assessment time.

1. Frequency

Choose your timing wisely. Conduct reviews during key moments in the employee’s status, whether it is after a project is completed, or consistently each quarter. This develops trust within the working environment and offers employers the chance to stay engaged and on top of feedback. Improvements can only be made when managers are available and in synch with what is happening around them.

2. Stay Present

Staring at a form while an employee speaks is no way to start a dialogue. While check boxes and grades can be useful, the most important thing is opening up the floor for conversation. Problems can only get solved when you are listening actively with solutions at the ready. Try focusing on the individual, filling out the required forms after they have left the room.

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3. Be Honest

You may think you’re being upfront, but quite often employers will subconsciously shield themselves from confrontation by offering inflated feedback. This isn’t necessary. The only way for your organization to grow and improve is to be honest, both with yourself and those you are reviewing. Allowing for transparency will help you to focus on the issues, rather than interpersonal dynamics.

4. Review Reversal

A great game-changer is encouraging your employee to start off the review by expressing his or her own opinions. Ask them about their thoughts on your management tactics and how they would change things. The greatest motivator is open discourse. Allowing them to offer constructive criticism and to outline their goals can give you a deeper understanding of their intricacies.

The fear surrounding employee assessments can be dissolved. When organized with transparency and accountability in mind, staff reviews can be extremely helpful. By utilizing the above tactics you can encourage a strong, open working relationship that gives as much as it takes.

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