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5 Signs Your Company is Managed Well

People want to be happy. And happy employees create tenable results. Effective managers support their teams, which raises employee engagement, thereby increasing the bottom line.

So how do you gauge whether your managers are succeeding?

1. Employees have independence

Management is not simply there to oversee operations. They are hired to encourage employees to succeed. They need to be high-level facilitators of staff objectives, which simply cannot happen if micromanaging takes place. In a successful company, co-workers function within an autonomous workplace, with daily operations running smoothly and on target. In other words, if your staff does not need to be managed, then your manager is doing a good job.

2. Office Politics are kept to a minimum

The cream rises to the top when staff is engaged and content. People want to succeed and be promoted. A successfully lead team has no time or need for drama. Employee interactions are calm and compassionate, with a view towards the overall company mission.

3. Retention increases

A common trope is: high employee turnover = bad management. This is absolutely true. Studies have shown that one of the major reasons a person will vacate their job is due to poor management. If staff is happy and engaged, they will look for reasons to move up within the organization.

4. High level productivity

Effectiveness can only happen when managers are keenly attuned to company operations. They should be consistently looking for ways to improve strategy and align staff with the organizations’ main objective. It’s safe to say that if productivity is up, your leaders are intelligent and highly capable.

5. Communication is effective and efficient.

Ineffective communication can lead to all kinds of pitfalls within any organization. The flow of inter-office correspondence must be streamlined in order to achieve success. If co-workers are relating progressively and without confusion, this is a good sign.

Take a look and see if your organization is exhibiting the telltale signs of quality management. Encourage leadership coaching for your upper-tier staff and once they are showing signs of autonomy, give them adequate space to create their own unique strategy. Managing people is no easy task, but with the right motivation and guidance, it can achieve amazing results.

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