Jun 3, 2016 3:12:13 AM

Celebrate cultural diversity!

Last week we started talking about diversity, and the importance of diversity in the hiring process.  We are all individuals with different personalities, and those personality traits start to show when we’re put in teams and forced to work together.  Certain people emerge as leaders, other focus on analyzing, and so on and so on.  

To expand on this topic of diversity, we’re now going to talk about cultural diversity in the workplace.

Culture itself should be celebrated!

Where we come from, what we’ve experienced, and how we’ve been brought up, all plays a role in cultural diversity.  Is this something that is recognized in your office?  Do you celebrate diversity?  If not, you should.

Let’s think about one of the biggest topics when it comes to celebrating culture in an office, that often goes completely ignored.  Christmas.  To many people, Christmas is just an annual holiday where we decorate the office with fake presents, Santa, some reindeer, and maybe even a tree.  However, to many, this time of year is more of a religious holiday.  Let’s also not forget, that this time of year we also have something called Hanukkah!  We need to be conscious of diversity in our workplace, and we need to respect diversity and figure out ways to celebrate it so that everyone is always included.  So keep this in mind when the holiday season rolls around.  Make sure to not leave anyone out!

One of the best ways to celebrate diversity is through food.  Think about it.  While we all come from different cultures, with different languages, and different customs, the one thing that we all have to do two to three times a day is eat.  Get some food catered once in awhile.  Try food from each employee’s culture.  Whenever there is a company party, it doesn’t always have to be pizza.  

Another great way to bring everyone together is through a potluck.  This is where each person in the office brings something.  It makes it super easy to include everyone all at the same time, and it’s tons of fun to have a chance to share your culture’s best dishes with your colleagues and share stories about your own childhood memories that surround that dish.

What are some of the ways that you celebrate diversity in your office?  We’d love to hear it!

One of the best ways to learn more about your team, and their culture, is through communication.  Vibecatch lets you customize every single poll that is sent out to your team.  Not sure about how to improve culture, or celebrate culture in your office? Go ahead and send a poll to your team and get some feedback. To see how, book a demo with us right now!

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