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Top Three Company Outings for Great Culture

You don’t exactly have to scour the internet in order to find great ideas for company outings, as there are thousands of blogs and articles with lists of ideas.  However, we’ve gone ahead and narrowed those lists into what we believe to be the three very best outings for building great company culture.


There are two very specific reasons why this activity has made the list.  First off, virtually everyone finishes volunteer work in a good mood.  It’s natural for us humans to feel a sense of accomplishment, or pride for giving back to the community, no matter how small the effort is.  This is essentially how you want your team members to feel after any project or event.  Second, this is an activity that most people wouldn’t do on their own.  Most of us just don’t really think about volunteer work until someone else brings it up.  This is a chance to expose your team to something new that serves a great purpose and leaves you feeling amazing.  Bonus tip: It’s potentially great for marketing as well, depending on your business of course, and if it’s a publicized event.  

Cooking Class

Once again we’ve stumbled upon an activity that isn’t all that common.  With so many resources at our fingertips, like cooking videos, recipe apps, or food blogs, cooking classes just don’t come up.  One of the great things about a cooking class, is that it’s teaching your team members a new skill that they’ll hopefully remember and use for the rest of their life.  They’ll always remember that day they took the cooking class, and it will be because your company put it all together!  Cooking is an activity that requires us to do two things: pay attention to detail, and to take our time and do it right.  These are two things that should be applied to how we work every single day.  

Escape Rooms

This was left to be last because we might need a little more room to explain it, however, it’s worth reading.  If you haven’t heard of an Escape Room, then Google it after you finish this blog post.  An Escape Room is pretty much exactly what you would expect.  It’s a bunch of rooms, often in the dark, where you have to locate items or clues to help you find the exit to the next room.  Each room has it’s own uniqueness and theme to it.  Each room also has different clues and puzzle.  Now that you have a rough idea of how this works and what it is, stick five co-workers in one of the rooms and see what happens.  In fact, imagine the room is completely dark and only one person gets a flashlight.  Try and let this play out in your head.  Truth is, you might need to experience it for yourself.

Escape rooms are probably the most interesting company outings, that leave you with lessons learned and a ton of insights.  The whole purpose of each room is for a team of people to solve a problem.  The problem is that they are stuck in a room and the solution is located somewhere in it.  You will quickly see which team member steps up and wants to be the leader.  You will see who likes to take a step back and just view the big picture and think it all through.  You’ll see the person who lives their life by A/B testing and wastes no time to scour every corner.  Everyone in the room is their own individual with their own ideas, and somehow the entire group must come together and work together efficiently and as quickly as possible.  Bottom line, it’s also fun, and sometimes that truly is the most important part of anything we do.

Pick one of these activities and schedule it.  You can thank us later.

As you hopefully already know, VibeCatch is an incredible tool that helps you learn about your company, your teams, and how to build amazing culture.  So, if you are stuck and not sure about what activity to choose, use our simple poll and let your team decide! Let us help you to get started!

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