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Efficiency vs. Effectiveness – Can You Have Both?

There is an age-old battle between what we think needs to be done and how we think we should do it. 

An efficient person can do things quickly and well, but how effective are they ultimately? 

Do they retain the original goal when they have finished? 

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An effective person will ultimately hit their targets, though it may take longer and be more arduous than their predecessor.  

So which way is correct?  And is it possible to have both?  

Below VibeCatch examines the two paths:


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Efficiency is based on effort and process rather than fulfilling goals. 

While the target is in mind, what is often looked at is how best to achieve the goal without wasting resources or time.  

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This method is often based on operational goals, with strategy taking a back seat.  Focusing on efficiency can work extremely well if your company has a strong operational contingent.


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Effectiveness is a highly goal-oriented method.  Staff sees a target and then works to accomplish it, no matter the time and resources spent. 

The final goal is to produce positive results. Strategy works well in this case, building out a timeline and method as to how things will be accomplished can help to see the broader picture of an isolated task. 

Dedicating your company to effective strategies works well in a team-oriented environment.

Both outputs have a dedicated place in any organization.

Efficiency is more of an introverted approach, where resources and time are measured within the framework of the company’s day-to-day operations.

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Effectiveness is much more of an extroverted task, a highly competitive approach that focuses on where the organization lies in the market at large.

Ultimately, the path you choose is dependent on your expected outcome. 

Efficiency works for many tasks that do not need close scrutiny. 

If you are a fast moving company and need things done quickly and moderately well, strive for efficiency.

Effectiveness however, takes time and careful planning.


It is a long haul that will pay off for whomever is involved, though will take decidedly more patience than the latter.

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