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How To Find Meaning At Work

Employee engagement is discussed and built into operational strategy pretty consistently these days. It’s easy to throw a bunch of numbers and ideas at a work environment as a blanket solution to under-enthused staff. But what if the onus lies with you? If we, as individuals, can adopt and put into effect strategies to improve our sense of worth on the job, then everyone benefits. Workplace happiness leads to increased productivity, performance and loyalty. It decreases stress and creates harmonious communication. Basically it’s a win/win for everyone involved.

Below, a few basic tools to help you find value in any place you work.


A healthy work-life balance is essential to inner harmony. It’s easy to get caught up in a project and forget to spend time with loved ones or to eat healthy. Prioritizing work 24/7 leads to nothing but ineffectiveness and fatigue. If you take care of yourself, your work will reflect that.

Focus on Relationships

Sometimes it’s hard work to create loyalty among co-workers but it will always be of benefit. Moral support and camaraderie are the key to positive relationships. Focus on transparency and building trust – especially during adverse times. You’ll eventually develop a sense of belonging that can’t be taken from you.

Seek Value

Try to find a job that aligns with your own inner values. Seek out individual projects within the office that feel fulfilling. If you feel like the work you are doing is important or contributing to your core beliefs, it will give you a brilliant sense of accomplishment.

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Act With Grace

Foster trust and respect the different perspectives of others. Be willing to admit your mistakes and learn to move on quickly from the disappointments of peers. Choose your battles wisely at work and never participate in gossip. Grace is a learned skill, something that we all can manage. It allows us to focus on the positives in life, never dwelling on the things that don’t serve us.

An overwhelming 96% of Americans agree that applying personal interests to their career/job would make them happier in general. A large portion of that number also stated that they would even take a pay cut if it meant finding more meaning at work. It’s not as hard as you may think. All it takes is a shift in perspective to find the meaning you have been longing for.

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