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How to Improve Team Dynamics

Let’s be honest, teamwork is hard work. Navigating the personal and political landscape of several individuals while also trying to successfully accomplish various tasks – isn’t always easy. However, team-based initiatives are increasing in today’s workplace. They have been proven to stimulate creativity, improve engagement and spearhead innovative ideas.

A positive outlook and an eye for improvement can really help foster team interaction. If you’re team is struggling pay close attention to the following areas:


How does your team interact, when and how often do they meet? If employees are not engaged during meetings, how can this be improved? Encouraging open dialogue about ways to improve methods and where productivity is stymied can be eye opening for all and work to build basic levels of trust.


Assign roles according to employee strengths and pay close attention when an individual is not excelling – it could be that they aren’t happy with their function and would be better suited in another area.


Conflict is a normal and healthy component of any team. It’s important to not shy away from issues, but to approach them from a place of balanced negotiation. If staff are repressing their opinions for fear of reprisal – this leads to decreased engagement.

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In your team, does everyone get a chance to lead? The time for top down dynamics is over. Identifying strengths and encouraging mentor-based relationships will go a long way towards positive team interactions.

Paying close attention to how your team operates within the broader context of the office space can be very revealing. Focusing on individual needs and fostering trust in the group will build confidence and create stability. From there you can work towards enhanced team interactions and a productive working dynamic.


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