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Identify Employee Burnout in Real-Time

Burn out. Ready to quit. Waiting to be fired. We’ve all been there, experiencing a feeling of utter exhaustion and lack of motivation. If we’ve been there, we know our employees have been there. Employee burnout is an undeniable thing in today’s hyper paced working environments. But how do we know what it really looks like – and how do we deal with it effectively?

Pinpointing the issue is the first step towards solving it.

VibeCatch is the next generation of job satisfaction polling, that helps leaders pinpoint these issues in real-time. Through frequent pulse polling, you’ll get a glimpse into what your team is thinking and be able to identify the symptoms of employee burnout.

Symptoms of burn out include:

  • general dissatisfaction with work
  • lack of/ ineffective communication
  • No transparency
  • No recognition
  • Overload of work
  • Lost feeling of control

Reducing burnout is not easily done. It often takes dedicated action by both individuals and the organization at large. Ask yourself the following questions to see if an employee fatigue is an issue in your office.

1. Does your company culture encourage self-care?

Work is not the most important factor in life. A healthy work-life balance is essential to creating harmonious and engaged staff. Identify areas of high tension and encourage various methods of stress relief.

2. How well does your staff communicate?

Empathy is only created through open ears and open minds. Creating an atmosphere of listening and compassion can go a long way towards bettering communication. Ask for feedback consistently and don’t shy away from conflict.

3. Do you talk about burnout?

Everyone in the company should be aware of the symptoms of burnout as well as the resolutions. A pre-emptive approach is always the best approach.

Upholding morale within a company is an active job that must be done every day. So you should be using VibeCatch to gather employee data on a weekly basis. It’s important to take burnout seriously as it has the ability to vastly alter the efficiency and engagement of your employees. Seek to commit to a long-term approach, one that takes into account shifting perspectives and values. With a dedicated focus, you can avoid the debilitating habits of unengaged and exhausted employees.

With VibeCatch, you can avoid problems before they even happen. Start looking for the symptoms. Start engaging your team. Start using VibeCatch!

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