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The One Thing That Can Improve Your Office Dynamics

Welcome back from Thanksgiving! Are you still full? Let's talk about how to get back into the groove with some good tips on creating better office dynamics! In today’s multitasking world we all have many things on the go. It’s increasingly difficult to stay focused and in tune with your employee base (especially after a holiday!). However, it is absolutely necessary if you want to create an open, engaged environment.

Mindfulness is an ancient technique that has proven to be incredibly useful in the workplace. The main precept is to stay focused on the present moment, letting go of what was or what will be.

Adherents observe that when you are able to frame your perspective around each and every moment as it passes, it can bring clarity, wisdom accompanied by a sense of inner peace.

While it can be a challenge to shift your perspective so dramatically, the eight, simple tips below can help you achieve mindfulness in a way that will alter the very core of your working experience.

Stay Organized

You can only be aware of your surroundings if your surroundings are aware of you. Don’t let things devolve into chaos. Keeping organized increases efficiency and streamlines your focus to the operative at hand.

Start your day with simple, fulfilling tasks

Start slow and achieve high. The less complicated your first successes are, the clearer your mind will be when you hit the bigger duties. And by then, you will be on such a roll, with a clear mind and a view towards your goals

When you speak to people, look them in the eyes

Open communication depends on a sense of trust. When conducting interviews, meetings, or employee reviews don’t hesitate to put the papers away and really look at someone. It will improve listening skills and create opportunity for open dialogue.

Have honest, transparent discussions

Truly listening to each individual and giving precise feedback can increase engagement, as well as allotting time for employees to work out specific issues. Leadership should be using VibeCatch to collect employee feedback and data frequently throughout the year. This honest feedback will allow problems to be resolved in real-time.

Be open to change and challenges

Nothing is perfect. Your organization will go through its challenges, as they all do. Understanding that difficulties are part of the process will allow you to open up new doors of perception. VibeCatch teaches you to be aware of the need for change, and gives you the tools to make the change.

Learn How to Say No

Knowing your own boundaries is an important milestone in achieving success. If you are over-tired or stretched thin, staying present becomes immeasurably hard. Learn when and how to turn down things that aren’t serving you. Only you can decide what your own parameters are.

Focus on One Task at a Time

Multi-tasking is a well-earned skill. However the best jugglers know that every job is as important as the next. Make sure to give your dedicated focus on what you are doing, moving on to the next project only when you feel you are ready.

Let go of what was, and what could be

Staying present is the number one attribute of mindfulness. Dwelling on the past will only bring resentment, and projecting into an unknown future is cause for tension and anxiety. Try letting go of anything that causes internal drama, instead accepting and taking pleasure in where you are right now.

If you’re really struggling with workplace communication and your employees don’t seem enthused, make a conscious effort to include the following mindfulness strategies in your day. With a little effort, you will come to see a marked difference in your working environment.



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