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You Need More Employee Engagement

One of the most common responses we get when talking to a new prospective client is, “Oh we already do annual surveys,” and this is a big problem.  Lucky for us, as we have the solution.

Problems with annual surveys:

  1. They only happen once a year.  If you are only getting feedback from your team once a year, you’re missing hundreds of opportunities make changes in real-time.
  2. You’re constantly addressing internal issues months after they happen.
  3. You might be experiencing a high volume of turnover without really understanding why.
  4. Most employees hate doing annual surveys because they are long, tedious, and many times they might have had something to say but eventually forget about.

We could go on but you probably get the point.

Vibecatch allows you to get feedback in real-time, so that you can make changes in real-time.  When you make real-time changes, you’ll naturally improve internal processes, improve efficiency, decrease turnover, and most likely increase your profit margins per employee.

Another response we get when talking to new prospective clients is, “but constant polling sounds like it would annoy our employees.”  First off, this is likely an issue with their company culture.  They likely are hiring the wrong people, and they aren’t putting much focus on building better company culture.  In most cases, employees want to be heard, but they dread the annual survey, and they don’t feel comfortable speaking up with risk of losing their job.  

When you have the right culture in place, a weekly single-question poll is very effective.  Even Forbes put out an article earlier this year about the transition companies are making from annual surveys to more frequent employee engagement tactics.  

So why is pulse polling so effective?

  • It’s easy.  Annual surveys are long and tedious, and most of the time employees can’t really remember every issue that has happened over the past year.  Pulse polling makes it very easy for an employee to offer a quick suggestion while everything is still fresh.
  • Employees need a way to express themselves with confidence, therefore, Vibecatch keeps things anonymous.  This anonymity creates a much higher response rate in polling.  
  • It doesn’t feel like a chore.  Annual surveys feel like a chore because they can take up to 30 minutes or more to complete.  Vibecatch pulse polls take about 60 seconds.
  • Constant stream of data.  Companies that are able to capture employee data throughout the year are inevitably going to perform better than others doing it annually.  Real-time data means real-time adjustments.  

Unsure about what questions to ask?

We make that simple as well.  Whether you are looking to measure employee job satisfaction, personal development, leadership, or even compensation, we have proven ready-made question sets at your disposal.  

Book a demo with us and see how easy it is to create your poll and start receiving valuable feedback. VibeCatch is used by companies with employee sizes ranging anywhere from 20 to 10,000, so know that you’ll be in great hands.  

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