Mar 21, 2019 12:12:00 PM

Podcast - Organisational mindset

In this episode we talk to Dasa Suissa about mindset and how it affects employees and leaders in an organization. We also discuss conscious or unconscious beliefs that impact our behaviour and productivity.

Mindset and culture are interrelated.

Who is responsible for changing the mindset within an organization?

How do you start with to change the mindset in your organization?

Dasa is a Leadership Development Facilitator, Culture Transformation Facilitator, Employee Engagement Consultant, HR Capability Development Facilitator. She is also a Lecturer at the Charles university in Prague where she teaches several HR and adult development related subjects.

For more information about Dasa Suissa please visit her website: 

Listen to the podcast to learn more.


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Sources mentioned in the podcast:

Harvard Business Review: The Impact of Employee Engagement on Performance

Engagement is really just connection

25 Fascinating Statistics About Employee Engagement

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Janne Stude
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