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Poor Communication Will Destroy Your Company

Poor communication is definitely one of the top reasons a company can be torn apart. If the quality and the quantity of communication is poor between colleagues, this can have a direct effect on efficiency, productivity, and the bottom line. If there is a lack of communication between leadership and their teams, things can get even worse. Why is communication so important? Workplace Transparency

Leadership needs to set the bar. Make sure that your team knows where you are taking them. Don’t assign tasks or launch projects without any background or reasoning. While this may seem like something obviously, you would be surprised how many leaders fail to really give their teams the proper amount of information. Once this starts, it becomes a slippery slope where it might even feel like you’ve reached a point of no return.

Employees need to feel like they have a purpose. Offering more transparency with company vision immediately creates a sense of purpose for every single employee. They know that what they’re working on is helping the company reach a specific goal. There are many other things that companies should be transparent about, so we’ll dive into that topic more soon.

Company Culture

Promoting communication in the workplace will ultimately lead to building better company culture. Through this, you’ll create a happier and more effective team. For starters, take a look at what communication tools you are currently using in the office. Are you using any at all? If not, consider something like Slack. Promoting communication helps create relationships. Now, we’re not saying that you should try and get all your employees to become best friends, but there definitely needs to be a level of respect between them, and if there is no communication, then teams can start to drift apart.

Efficiency and Productivity

One of the best ways to show the purpose of good communication is to run a team building exercise. There are many different ones you can try, and they should be fun. For example, do you recall that childhood game called “Telephone?” You know, that game where everyone sits in a big circle and passes a message one by one through whispering, only to find out at the end that the message got completely turned upside down and has absolutely nothing to do with what the original person said. What you will find is that without good communication everything just becomes lost in translation. This directly impacts work. You’ll miss deadlines. You’ll have teams making mistakes and having to go back and fix them. You’ll have higher turnover. You’ll spend more time training. YOU’LL LOSE MONEY.

Vibecatch recently introduced the Quality of Work Life Index, which allows you to track your company’s progress in five categories. Through this comprehensive tool, we’ll pinpoint areas where you can improve, especially with communication, along with providing you with scientifically backed insights that actually tell you what to do next. Want to see it? Click here for an interactive analysis of one company’s QWL Index. Book a demo below, and let one of our team members walk you through it. It’s well worth it!

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