Oct 26, 2017 8:17:32 PM

Tackling Difficult Issues with Science

We live in a society where speaking your mind or facing difficult issues head-on is often looked at with derision. In team settings, most frustrations are glossed over and people are often told to ‘let things slide’. While rejecting drama and politics can be a productive approach, what happens when a major issue arises? Most companies are not prepared to deal with difficulties, and this often results in mounting tension and persistent dilemmas that obstruct workflow. However, what if you could use science and technology to help solve these important issues in real-time?

While many people advocate shying away from confrontation, if given the right tools, anyone can learn how to initiate difficult conversations productively. VibeCatch can bring these issues to light, and help you with the following:


Encourage shared problem solving – various teams get involved to help resolve the issue. This then becomes one, big collaborative effort which creates openness and a sense of trust.


Set the expectation that people will speak and make it psychologically safe to do so. Staff should be instructed to offer individual viewpoints in a respectful and helpful manner.

Togetherness and Trust

Work on team building and transparency in weekly meetings. Initiated exercises that encourage teams to become comfortable speaking up about each other.


While autonomy is great, there are certain types of individualism that undermine teamwork and cohesion. Collective success is dependent on both management and employees engaging in the dialogue.

When we avoid argument, nothing transpires. The key to unlocking solutions is through healthy debate and shared perspectives. Ultimately, raising difficult issues should never be left to chance. Honest conflict – engaging in the harder topics together – can only serve to grow your collaborative effort.

VibeCatch is a scientifically-proven solution for companies trying to tackle these four points. Our Quality of Working Life index allows you to pinpoint problem areas and address them in real-time. This level of effective analysis of employee data has huge results when it comes to increasing your bottom line, while simultaneously building incredibly unmatched culture within the workplace.

Give VibeCatch a test drive. We'll walk you through the process of building a better company for yourself and your team members.

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