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The Most Important Questions for Startups

Hi, we’re VibeCatch.  You may call us, a “startup.”  That’s okay, because we think we are, and we have a message for other startups.  One of the most important things that all startups need to do in order to be successful is to do something called, “Customer Discovery.”  If you go join a startup accelerator, they will beat this into your brain until you start having nightmares about it.  So what is it about customer discovery that makes it so important?  It really starts with asking questions.  

In order to understand who your customer is, you must ask questions to find out.  Asking questions are powerful.  They say that the common trait among all successful entrepreneurs is the simple fact that each of these individuals have a desire to find answers to questions.  They understand that if they can find the answer, then they might be unlocking something big.  In regards to our customers, it’s essential to really understand who they are.  How can you sell a product unless you know who is going to buy it?  Don’t settle for the high-level generic questions.  Get into the details.  

Such is the same for building a great team.  In order to build a great team, we have to find out what makes a great team, and this is always going to be unique in every company.  There is no perfect formula for building a company with amazing culture, that promotes creativity, efficiency, productivity, respect, and so on.  Why is there no formula?  It’s because any given team, while still a team, is still made up of individual people with individual personalities and individual skill sets.  However, no matter how different we are, we can still create an amazing culture by starting with asking questions.  

How can a good leader be a good leader if they don’t truly understand who is making the company run?

Great culture starts with the employees.

Ask questions, and get answers.  Don’t ask the generic questions, because then you’ll get generic answers.  Get the details.  Get to know the people that are actually making your company successful.  Find out what drives them and what doesn’t.  Find out what makes them want to come to work each day and what makes them want to sleep in.  It's not just employee polling, or employee surveys.  It's culture.  It's finding out the answers to what makes better culture in your unique team or office.

So, are you asking the right questions?  Are you asking any at all?

Start building better culture with VibeCatch.  Reach out to us if you have questions, or just want to say hi.  We’re a bunch of chatterboxes over here.  Let’s chat!

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