Apr 24, 2019 9:30:00 AM

Podcast - The Role of Leadership

"The biggest challenge for leaders is to keep themselves relevant and attune with the deeper changes that are going on in the workforce."

In this episode we talk to Jonathan Smith about the role of leadership in an organisation. We try to get some answers to the questions below and look deep into the role the leadership of an organisation in the digital age.

What are some of the early signs of a disengaged workforce?

How can leaders make sure the company values and culture are understood and lived by its employees?

Digital engagement and user adoption are crucial as technology increasingly pervades business. How ready are organisations and especially the leadership to be role models in ushering in this change?

Jonathan has over 30 years experience in retail serving among other positions as a Managing Director CEE at Marks and Spencer PLC and board member in several companies. For more information about Jonathan Smith please visit his LinkedIn profile. 

Listen to learn more.


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Posted by Janne Stude

Janne Stude
Janne is the VP Business Development and a Co-founder of VibeCatch who lives by the motto “Go big, or go home,”. He believes the form of differentiation offered by VibeCatch becomes more and more relevant with the recent changes in the workplace, such as the development of automation, robotics, and AI.

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