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The Science of Productivity

It’s the end of a long day and you’re eyes start to glaze over. You try to stay focused but your thoughts are being replaced by inertia and lack of motivation. Sound familiar? Getting distracted or being over-worked and tired is a commonplace sentiment that can lead to a severe dip in productivity. It not only affects your workflow, but can also affect the well being of the entire team as well.

Studies report that the average worker spends 50% of their total waking hours at work. With so much of our energy spent at the office, it’s no wonder that employee engagement has become a key player in productivity.

So what does it take to build an engaged team that consistently delivers?

Below are three proven methods to improve productivity and curb inertia.

1. Build Your Environment

If most of our time is spent at work, then life can get pretty routine. Do what it takes to keep things fresh and exciting. Change up the office environment once in a while, move furniture, and utilize design concepts that promote interconnectivity. Look at the social environment as well, creating communication pathways that keep things balanced and convivial.

2. Build your Team

Don’t shy away from team-building activities and a social atmosphere. Encourage socializing for fun as opposed to always being work-focused. Create an environment where positive relationships are cultivated and fun is equal to functionality

3. Build Morale

Remember to celebrate successes through positive feedback and recognition. Develop an incentive program but try not to encourage heavy competition. Employees should be inspired to compete solely against themselves, reducing the need for rivalry and opposition.

Open communication and a relaxed approach to company culture can go a long way towards a healthy and dynamic working environment. With a few small adjustments, your company culture can become both rewarding and profitable.

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