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What Top Quality Staff Look For In A Job

Today’s work force includes a myriad of job-hoppers, those that flit from company to company, trying everything on for size. It’s a symptom of the millennial generation, who are steadily creating a world where opportunity abounds.

So how can you attract top quality staff? And once they are there, how do you keep them engaged and inspired?

1. Opportunities to learn and grow

The majority of research points to one major desire amongst professionals. They want to be certain that their current position will provide opportunities for advancement. Whether this means to broaden their knowledge base or to climb the ranks, most employees have an innate need to know that they are progressing, and to be recognized for that progress.

2. Quality of Management

People want to come to a place every day where they feel trusted, respected and appreciated. They want to feel secure in their position and excited by the team they participate in. This can only happen when management is well trained and well liked. One of the top reasons employees leave a company is poor leadership. Train your managers well and expect the best from them – then see the results trickle down.

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3. Professional Advancement

I once left a great job that I was very good at because it became obvious that management was never going to invest in my career. If you want your employees to succeed, let them know that you are on their side by offering opportunities to study, network and benefit. A conference trip, a course on offer, even a simple rewards program can go a long way towards showing a targeted investment in their career.

4. Fair compensation

It goes without saying but it must be said. One study revealed that most employees would consider taking a job with another company for a raise of 20% or less. It doesn’t take much away from profits to compensate equitably. And the rewards you will receive in productivity and innovation will be endless.

Ultimately each of us wants to feel comfortable and excited about our daily activities. Attracting and retaining the best staff comes down to a few simple mandates that can easily be incorporated into your company’s mission. Your current staff will become top-performers and other high-level employees will want be excited to join the ranks.

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