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Yes You Can - Building Office Culture with Remote Teams

Remote work is slowly becoming the standard. The mounting consensus is that remote workers log more hours and are simply more productive than an in-house team. A Gallup poll has found that remote workers even log an average of four more hours per week than their on-site counterparts.

What this tells us is that we no longer have to work at the same time or work from the same spot, to work together.

So what does it take to keep everyone connected and create a sense of shared purpose? Frequent Communication

With remote teams, you need more meetings than you would if everyone was in-house.  While staff work autonomously, keeping a steady and open stream of communication lets them know you are invested and around to mitigate any issues that may arise.

Building Trust

Don’t just meet about office-related issues. Get to know your remote workers.Take the time to check in with them and offer support.  Get to know their goals and their family lives.  Building trust is effectively the cornerstone of remote culture.  Employees will deliver what is necessary if they can trust you – and feel that you trust them.

Hire Well

Hiring remote workers is an art in and of itself. Look for specific traits when hiring so workplace culture is enhanced. High-level communication skills, writing skills and previous experience working remotely will all come in handy when building remote culture.

Leading the Team

Strong leadership will ultimately create a fantastic workplace culture. Bring on upper tier staff that self-manage.  Hire those that delegate effectively and don’t micro-manage.  Micro-management is death to remote teams, it breaks trust and keeps everyone feeling unworthy.

In the end, it comes back to creating a culture that puts employees first — virtual or not.  Creating strong office culture in a situation where there is no physical office can definitely be difficult.  However, implementing the above tactics can prove it a worthy challenge – and a way to institute an environment that staff will be happy to contribute to.

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