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5 Ways Employee Feedback Promotes a Positive Company Culture

The success of an organisation does not solely depend on the decisions and actions of management – it also relies on the internal culture fostered by the collective efforts, attitudes and values of everyone within the business, too.

A positive company culture is necessary to ensure workers have a supportive environment that will keep them engaged, productive and aligned with the company’s values. 

But in perpetuating a strong company culture, how can you keep your employees involved and engaged?

Employee feedback might be one of the solutions you’re looking for.

Here’s why.

Employee Engagement with VibeCatch

What is company culture?

Company culture represents an organisation’s unique personality as it encompasses how people work, interact and contribute together to achieve its vision and mission. 

Known also as the shared values, attributes and characteristics of the institution and employees, company culture plays an important role in retaining and driving the motivation of your workforce.

Why is company culture important?

  • For employees – When an organisation’s culture aligns with its employees’ values, it enables them to find joy and satisfaction in the work they’re doing. With a positive company culture, it’s easier for them to build better and lasting relationships with their colleagues and work more collaboratively.
  • For the business - With the company culture supporting employees, the business will benefit from increased productivity and excellent customer service. It will also lead to lower absenteeism, turnover and burnout which are cost-effective for the business.

As part of the HR team and management, it’s important to ensure that a positive culture is cultivated within the organisation by first understanding what motivates employees’ beliefs, behaviours, actions and decisions. With this, you can take proactive steps to align these with the business, creating harmony. 

Fortunately, you have employee feedback as a tool that can help you.

Company Culture

What is employee feedback?

Employee feedback is the process of asking staff to offer up constructive information, suggestions, or advice to address issues in the workplace and make improvements.

This is often conducted to assess managers, supervisors, peers, and the organisation as a whole. This can also be used by your management team to review workers’ performance, skills, and behaviour.

Employee feedback is crucial in developing a positive company culture as it encourages continuous listening and enhances transparency between employers and employees. Through it, every individual is given the opportunity to speak up and share ideas that will help the business become the best place to work. 

To learn more about the benefits of employee feedback, let’s discuss how it defines the ideal company culture.

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How employee feedback helps define a positive company culture

Did you know that good culture has been shown to increase revenue by 4 times?

Research has also found that organisations with highly engaged employees are 21% more profitable.

So, what does this tell you?

It demonstrates that positive company culture is essential to business growth and success while keeping your employees involved throughout the process. 

Here are 5 ways that employee feedback can help you define a positive company culture while making sure everyone is highly engaged

  1. Employee feedback enhances communication and creates a collaborative work environment.

    By facilitating employee feedback, you facilitate an open dialogue. Employees are encouraged to provide their honest thoughts and opinions to minimise misunderstandings and improve project efficiencies.
  2. Employee feedback assists in professional development.

    Showing that your employees matter to your business can begin with employee feedback. By listening to their opinions and learning how you can be more supportive, you can nurture a positive company culture where the growth and development of employees are top priorities.
  3. Employee feedback enables the company to proactively address concerns and problems.

    The data and insights gathered from their feedback can help your business become more agile in dealing with problems and issues in the workplace. Through employee feedback, you can make more informed decisions in implementing corrective actions.

    You can also benefit from the ideas and suggestions of employees. Remember – the best solutions don’t always come straight from the top.
  4. Employee feedback ensures the employees’ goals are in line with the company’s objectives.

    A positive culture requires people in your organisation to have a strongly held and widely shared set of values and beliefs. With employee feedback, you can evaluate whether your employees understand your company’s core values, vision and mission. This also allows you to check if they are working according to what’s expected of them.
  5. Asking for employee feedback gives workers a sense of belonging.

    Employee feedback gives employees the avenue to be more involved in the company. It also offers the chance to express themselves, be more engaged, and work towards the overall improvement of the business.

    With employee feedback, you can show everyone that their opinions and presence are highly valued.

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Tips in conducting employee feedback

Employee feedback can be collected in various ways like using suggestion boxes, reviews sites and one-on-one interviews. However, the most common way is by conducting surveys.

To guide you in providing employee feedback surveys, we’ve listed some tips that can help:

  • State the agenda of your survey. Make sure your employees understand the reason why you’re asking them to share opinions and ideas.
  • Give employees enough time to answer. To encourage more honest feedback, provide them with the assurance that their identities will remain anonymous.
  • Offer some perks or rewards to encourage more people to participate.
  • Let them know that you’ll share the results, including your action plans, so that they know you’re sincere in making workplace improvements.
  • Optimise smart survey tools and feedback polls to become more efficient while ensuring your unique needs are met. At VibeCatch, we offer a powerful platform that enables you to collect valuable insights through active, scientific-based listening and learning of your internal workforce.

While culture tends to develop over time on its own, it’s still important to take an active approach to ensure its shaping to the advantage of your business and employees.

By harnessing the power of employee feedback, you can work hand-in-hand with your employees to define, implement and sustain the ideal company culture that will help you adapt to the evolving business landscape and achieve long-term success.

What is VibeCatch?

VibeCatch is an HR platform based on 15 years of proven research, offering you the opportunity to make a difference and prove the value of caring for internal employees.

Through VibeCatch’s QWL Pools, Pulse Polls and 360 Feedback Polls, you can uncover hidden opportunities, correct issues and address areas of improvement for staff – all of which provide reliable information and a Return on Investment (ROI) to present to management.

We help you conduct surveys to eliminate all kinds of biases and make your employees feel comfortable with responding, so you can encourage the creation of a strong company culture.

Speak to our team today and we can take you through a live demo of VibeCatch.

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