Feb 21, 2019 4:10:27 PM

Podcast - Employee Engagement

“The role of leaders and organizations is to create conditions so that the employees can really thrive and build on their initial level of engagement”. - Dasa Suissa

How can companies start to engage employees?

How do you treat your employees? Like an adult, a commodity or as human beings?

We had the pleasure to sit down and talk to Dasa Suissa. Dasa is a Leadership Development Facilitator, Culture Transformation Facilitator, Employee Engagement Consultant and an HR Capability Development Facilitator. She is also a Lecturer at the Charles university in Prague where she teaches several HR and adult development related subjects.

For more information about Dasa Suissa please visit her website: dagmarsuissa.com

In this episode we talk about some differences between employee engagement and employee satisfaction. We also talk about expressing emotions at work and the effect these can have on our work performance.

Listen to the podcast to find out more.

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Sources mentioned in the podcast:

Harvard Business Review: The Impact of Employee Engagement on Performance

Is there an answer to Millennial burnout?

Engagement is really just connection

25 Fascinating Statistics About Employee Engagement

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Posted by Juha Huttunen

Juha Huttunen
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